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Veneers at Avenue Dental, Torquay

Veneers are a cosmetic option, their aim is to help correct and cover any imperfections or discolouration that could be stopping you from having the perfect, white smile that you may desire.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are customised shells designed to fit perfectly over your teeth. They are made of a very thin layer of porcelain which is bonded to the front of your tooth, similar in the way a false fingernail is fitted over a nail. Because they are extremely thin, there is little destruction to the tooth underneath.

Every veneer is made to match the exact size and shape of your tooth. They are used to make your teeth look healthy, whiter, covering discolouration, the effects of decay and even to close small gaps. They can be used to make a chipped tooth look whole or to make a tooth look straighter where braces might not be an option.

Avenue Dental Surgery
Avenue Dental Surgery

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Before the veneer is fitted, part of the outer enamel surface of the tooth may be removed so that the veneer can be permanently cemented. After this, the dentist will make a mould of the tooth, which is then used to create the veneer. The colour of the surrounding teeth will be recorded, to ensure that the veneer looks as natural as possible.

Once the dental technician has created the veneer based on your wants and the information provided, you will be called to fit it on top of the tooth. You will likely not need a temporary veneer, as the amount of enamel removed during your first appointment is likely to be so slight that any visual differences are negligible, though it may feel less smooth.

Fitting the Veneer

During your second appointment, the veneer will be inspected to ensure that it meets your wishes and matches the colour of the rest of your teeth. Your tooth will be cleaned, polished and etched to prepare it. A chemically cured cement will be applied to the veneer and it will be fitted on top of the tooth. A UV light will be applied to help the cement rapidly harden, at which point it is permanently affixed. The dentist will clear away excess cement and have you test the bite. After the treatment is done, you may be called in for a follow-up appointment to ensure that there are no issues.

Dental veneers can help you move past the imperfections that might have been causing you stress and allow you to smile with the confidence you have always wanted.

What's the Cost?

With each patient’s case differing, it’s difficult to give an accurate indication of treatment costs without seeing one of our clinicians for a consultation. However, for an indication of our prices, please visit our treatment fees page. We also offer flexible finance options to spread the cost of your treatment or Practice Membership Plans to cover your routine dental care.

Why Choose Us?

We’re dedicated to offering every patient a quality service that they wouldn’t see at other dental practices in Torquay. We have experienced staff to give you peace of mind from the moment you walk through our doors. Your treatment will be carried out by a clinician that knows how to make you feel at ease, whilst also explaining what they’re doing for full transparency.